Annual interest rate 10% -30% [Crypto delneu] How to get started

Let's! delneu!

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Annual interest rate 10% -30% [Crypto delneu] How to get started

[Crypto delneu] is a delta-neutral strategy for Cryptocurrency.

Delta-neutral is a method of hedging by adding the deltas of each option to form a position close to zero.

30% annual interest is not a dream in the Delta Neutral Strategy

Create a delta-neutral state by having the same amount of Bitcoin short positions with In-kind Bitcoin as collateral

Get a return at the funding rate you get from it.

The funding rate is a fee on an exchange called Bybit, which will be introduced later.

・Every 8 hours at 9:00, 17:00, and 25:00 Japan time, you will be charged a fee for your position (OR will be taken).

・In the case of a short, if the funding rate is positive, you can receive a commission (if it is negative, it will be taken).

・The average value for 2021 is 0.03%, and the mode value is 0.01%.

・Not many, but there are times when it is negative.

Funding rates from January 2021 to December 2021
(The red line is the average value)

This is the funding rate every 8 hours, as I said earlier

So if the average value is 0.03%, the annual interest rate will exceed 30%.(0.03% x 3 times x 365 days = 32.85%)

Even with the mode of 0.01%, the annual interest rate exceeds 10%.(0.01% x 3 times x 365 days = 10.95%)

The point to note is that there is always a negative period, and the above is a past result.

Risks include foreign exchange risk, exchange closure risk, and fluctuations in funding rates.

The general flow is as follows.


1.Buy In-kind Bitcoin at domestic exchanges(Japanese case)

First of all, let's have Bitcoin.

If you already have it, please skip it.

You need to open a Japanese exchange account.

Any account will do.

If you are new to Cryptocurrency, Coin check is safe.


After opening an account, deposit Japanese Yen and buy Bitcoin.

【Deposit Japanese Yen】


Bank transfer, convenience store deposit, quick deposit, any way you like

【Buy bitcoin】
Beginners are easy to buy from the store.

②Select BTC
③Enter the quantity (0.01 BTC in the image)
④Check the amount and purchase

Super easy.


2.Send Bitcoin to Bybit

Then send Bitcoin to Bybit to put it in a delta-neutral state and receive a funding rate.

First, open a Bybit account.

Registration is of course free and can be completed in 5 minutes just by registering your email address or phone number.

If you can register, please be sure to complete two-step verification.

This is to protect your precious assets.


Tips for authentication with mobile number In Japan, it follows +81, so it is necessary to incorporate 0 zero in the head.

In the case of 090-1111-2222  It is +81 90 1111 2222.

If you get stuck, it's easy to authenticate with Google.
AndroidGoogle 認証システム - Google Play のアプリ
iPhone‎「Google Authenticator」をApp Storeで

Next, check the wallet address of the deposit destination.

Make a deposit to your derivative account.



Be sure to check that the chain type is BTC.

Copy the wallet address.

Return to the Coincheck account screen and issue a remittance instruction.

①Remittance of crypto assets
②Send bitcoin
③Edit remittance list
You can choose the label you like. I chose "Bybit".
Paste the wallet address you copied earlier with Bybit in the new destination field.

Then select the created destination  Enter the remittance amount (BTC) and remittance button

After completing the transfer instructions, wait for the money to be credited to your Bybit account.

There is a time lag until the deposit, so I'm thrilled.

If you make a mistake such as a wrong wallet address here, Bitcoin will disappear.

But you don't have to worry so much. Make sure the chain type is BTC and copy and paste the wallet address.

3.BTCUSD short leverage 1x with Inverse Perpetual

Did you deposit safely? The goal is just around the corner.


Specify 1x leverage in Isolated


Enter limit price. Specify 100% quantity. Click Sell / Short.


Check the Liqidation Price when the contract is concluded. If it is 999999, it is successful.


4.Wait until you receive the funding rate.

The funding rate is received (OR paid) every 8 hours at 9:00, 17:00, and 25:00 Japan time. However, the timing when the achievements are reflected is once at 9:00.


Reflected as daily realized profit / loss.

You can check it in the asset history of the derivative.

How to check the funding rate


You can check it from the top screen like this.

that's all.

It's a good idea to try it for a small amount at first and get a feel for it.

It's Not Financial Advice

Do your own research

It's up to you to believe or not!

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